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QTY 12
Project Quality Assurance Engineer
- Bsc. in Mechanical or Industrial Engineering - More than 5 years of working experience in one of the automotive technical fields. - Knowledge of JQPV, JPOM, ANPQP - Knowledge of Industrial milestones - Knowledge of AVES, SPR - Knowledge of Purchasing, Commercial, After Sales , Logistic activities during the project - Fluent in English (French is a plus)
QTY 14
Supplier Quality Technician
- Min. Associate degree in Mechanical / Industrial Engineering -Min 1 year of related experience - Ability of control & check conformity of key processes or parts shipped from supplier or delivered to the plants in different working shifts - Fluent in English - Microsoft Office proficiency - Communication skill and listening capacity and plant working experience
QTY 15
Vehicle Quality Evaluation Expert
-Min BSc in Mechanical, Electronic, Methodology or other related technical or engineering fields -Age range: 25-35 -Strong interest for automobile products and its customer expectations - Having experience in automotive industry and/or service is a plus -Discipline and rigor in applying standards, Accurate in detecting defaults, Sensitive to perceived quality -Natural authority in front of technical actors including management -Fluent in English - Microsoft Office proficiency
QTY 16
AVES Evaluator
-Min. BS in Mechanical Engineering(preferably Automotive) -At least 3 years of experience in Automotive quality field - Acceptable knowledge in various functions and aspect expectations of vehicle -Fluent in English (French is a plus) - Microsoft Office proficiency -Team work skill,Communication and Attention to details
QTY 17
Quality Coordinator Expert
-Min. BA in Technical fields (Mechanical, Electrical, Production, …) -Experience of car manufacturing fields - Rigor and independence, ability to work in challenging situation of plant - Ability in animation and synthesis quality priorities - Excellent communication skill and listening capacity -Like working in plant atmosphere - Technical knowledge to know the defects on vehicle and initial analysis of them - Knowledge of Production processes in serial production - Fluent in English - Microsoft Office proficiency
Supplier Quality Expert
-BSc. in Mechanical / Industrial Engineering -Support of Line protection; Scrap controlling; monitoring Line protection and sort/rework activities; Physical Deviations control - Min 4 years of related experience - Fluent in English - Microsoft Office proficiency
Supplier Improvement Pilot & Quality System Consultant
-BSc. in Industrial, Polymer, Material Science or Mechanical Engineering - 5 years of experience in QMS / QA of Automotive industry - Solid knowledge & experience in audit techniques, ISO/TS requirements - Strong verbal, communication & presentation & reporting skills - Fluent in English.
Vehicle Technical Analysis Expert
- BSc. in Manufacturing or Mechanical Engineering - Minimum 5 years of experience in Automotive industry Specially in Engineering, After sales service or Quality departments. - High level of Product technology Knowledge - High level of car manufacturing knowledge. - Experience in Vehicle Body engineering, Body Geometry Synthesis and CMM measurement. -Fluent in English - Microsoft Office & CATIA proficiency
L2 Analyst
-Min. BS. in Mechanical Engineering (higher level is an advantage) - At least 3 years of practical experience in automotive industries - Ability to interpret C.M.M report of the part and body - Familiar with concept of Checking Fixture and measurement of part on the C.F plus concept of 6 degree of freedom - Ability to interpret 2D drawing of stamping part plus trim part and GD&T - Ability to work with CATIA software - Familiar with functional part of vehicle (Brake system, Electrical ,Hydraulic system ,…) - Preferably have experience in car manufacturing plant - Microsoft Office proficiency -Fluent in English (French is a plus)
Customer Quality Improvement Pilot (incidentologist)
-BA in Mechanical Engineering -At least 3 years of experience in Automotive industry specially After sales service, Quality or Engineering departments -Good level of English -Knowledge of Quality basics -Technical knowledge of automotive -Incident Analysis abilities and troubleshooting ,reporting abilities,technical curiosity - Knowledge of MS Office (word, excel, power point)